10/22 JAPAN Fes / EDO & Tea Tasting Contest & Okinawa & Curry Contest


•93+94 Block: ・Edo Festival: Experience a slice of life in old Japan (400 years ago) ・Oct 22nd(Sun) 10:00-18:00 ・Manhattan Upper West Side at Broadway bet 92nd and 94th street ・Welcome Edo Cosplayers! (Samurais, Ninjas, Hime “Princess", and Tono “Lord") *Tea Tasting Contest : •92+93 Block; *Okinawa/Ryukyu Festival: Okinawa Ryukyu Festival: Experience the unique Okinawa Ryukyu culture, a blend of a variety of cultures of neighboring areas in Asia. Get your nails done by a fortune teller, Ryukyu style for free! Okinawa herb tea and products Okinawa power stones Okinawa good fortune products (Kamiana) *Curry Contest: Indian, Thai and Japanese Katsu Curry, Vote for the best curry! Participant who can correctly guess the result will win a prize!