10/27,28 J-ANIME NIGHT

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The first "Anime x Halloween" event in Brooklyn. It's happening on Oct 27&28, 2017 【Official Event Page】 http://j-animenight.com/ 【Date&Hours】 -October 27(Friday) Open 19:00 -October 28(Saturday) Open 19:00 【Performers from NewYork】 TiA - Singer TV Anime "Naruto" Ending Themes Akihiro Haga – "Naruto" official performer, Actor of Power Ranger and Marvel Netflix Show. Kohei – Singer/MC Apollo winner McDonald’s Gospelfest finalist 【Performers from Japan】 Akira Ouse – Singer TV Anime ”Kitaro no youkai Enikki” ED Aito Kitazaki – Street manga artist based in Tokyo Kimiko/Miliya– Pole dancer wearing and dancing in Japanese Kimono Risa Rock – Lovelive Metal Arrange CD “Love Metal” Vocal. Boo – Dance&Vocal sensation duet “BOO” Mana Ito –Actress / Singer / ex SDN48. VJ 2mo – Making original video by CG edit

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