Sep.22, 2019 | Konamon Festival & Japan Food Avenue @Upper East Side(Lexington Ave & 83-84st)

5 Konamon Shops are coming all the way from Japan on Sept 21-22!

Konamon201909 Poster FIN.jpg

JAPANFes will host a Konamon (Japanese Flour Food) Competition, where 9 konamon shops, 5 from Japan and 4 from NY, will face off!

You will decide which Konamon Shop will be this year's champion! In addition, 25 other shops such as Japanese sweets shops and traditional things shops will be set up☺

Konamon From Japan
● Fugetsu お好み焼・焼そば風月 - Okonomiya
(Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan)
●Okonomiyaki Imari お好み焼きいまり- Okonomiyaki
(Tokyo Prefecture, Japan)
●Acatoki アカトキ-acatoki - SSS Smoky Mayo Okonomiyaki
(Mie Prefecture, Japan)
●Takoyaki Bar Tom たこやき BAR トム - Takoyaki
(Aichi Prefecture, Japan)
●monja-yaki CHICO - monja-yaki
(Tokyo Prefecture, Japan)

Konamon From NY
●BentON BentOn NYC - Yakisoba (New York, NY)
●Fuji Yakisoba Fuji Yakisoba - Yakisoba (New York, NY)
●Karls Balls Karl's Balls- Takoyaki (New York, NY)
●Osaka-ya- Okonomiyaki (New York, NY)

Date - Location - Time

Sept 21: Chelsea (Between 8th Ave & 15-16st)
10:00AM - 6:00PM

Sept 22: Upper East Side (Between Lexington Ave & 83-84st)
10:00AM - 6:00PM

For more information, please visit
Sept 21:
Sept 22:

Address - 1236 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10028