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<ALBION> ALBION was born in March 1956, the middle of the 20th century, a time when there was little in the way of luxury products in Japan. Its aim was to become the world’s No. 1 prestige cosmetics manufacturer. Committed ever since to the promise of translucent and supple skin, ALBION has approached each and every one of its products with the utmost care and attention while also offering personal consultations and making product proposals based on careful observations of actual skin conditions. <ANNA SUI> Anna Sui is for everyone who is not afraid to be adventurous and likes avant-garde and rock n’ roll! The detailed packaging is vintage that makes you feel nostalgic, but a variation of eyeshadows and lipsticks are there for modern women and men who are not afraid of expressing themselves. Enjoy the World of Anna Sui! <Paul & Joe> Paul & Joe Beauté is a purposefully uncomplicated line of cosmetics designed to enhance one’s natural glow from head to toe. Born from the mind of Sophie Mechaly, fashion designer for Parisian clothing line Paul & Joe, the beauty brand is a hybrid of French aesthetic and Japanese technology, resulting in adorably chic products with immense attention to detail and the highest quality, skin-loving ingredients.

by ALBION COSMETICS(America), Inc.