Manhattannroll Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream is made by pouring liquid ice cream base onto a cold plate at -20°C or colder and thinly stretching and rolling it as it freezes into solid ice cream. Our shop's menu currently features a wide variety of rolled ice creams made by combining fruits and chocolates to our original ice cream base, and we are experimenting with flavors to further develop our menu for the future!

Our rolled ice cream is just the right level of sweet and smooth. Our shop's unique combination of milk, fresh cream, syrup, and egg allows our ice cream base to reach the perfect thick consistency. In fact, our rolled ice cream has a milk fat content of 20% -- that's 5-10% higher than that of normal ice cream!

Our rolled ice cream not only looks but also tastes great. We use fresh fruits (not frozen) to vary the taste of the base and as toppings. In the autumn and winter, our menu abounds with choices you will love in the chilly and cold weather, and in the spring and summer, we use fresh fruit lavishly to offer you a variety of refreshing options.

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