<< Who wants to be SAMURAI? >>


Show your friends that you are at Japan Fes by sending your SAMURAI picture!

If you buy this SAMURAI CORN, you can become a samurai with two swords!! Let’s take a picture with SAMURAI CORN for Instagram together. Do you know a swordsman with two swords? You can be like one of them!! Star Wars is inspired by Japanese SAMURAI. You can buy a corn with 10 bucks but buy one get one free to be Japanese SAMURAI!!

Grilled corn is one of Japanese traditional foods which is sold at festivals in summer in Japan. Many Japanese enjoy them wearing yukata, Japanese traditional clothes. Almost all Japanese buy at least one at each festival.

The main seasoning of our corns is soy sauce with lime flavor. The red part of Japanese flag on corns is chill powder and the white part is cheddar.