10/6 Konamon Festival

1st Chinchikurin

2nd Sapporo Fugetsu

3rd Osakaya

===Japanese Contestants/Food=== Wanaka - Takoyaki Chibo - Okonomiyaki Chinchikurin - Okonomiyaki Sapporo Fugetsu - Okonomiyaki ===NY Contestants/Food=== Karl's Balls - Takoyaki Osaka-Ya - Okonomiyaki Bent-On - Yaki-soba Dokodemo - Takoyaki Sponsored by Otafuku Sauce Co-sponsored by H.I.S. International Tours ITO EN and Calpis USA Thank you for coming the Konamon Contest, Next Event is the last in 2018, "Japan Food Town" on 10/21, stay tuned!