10/21 JAPAN FOOD TOWN & Furoshiki Art Street

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==5 Japanese Contestants/Food from Japan==

1,花は咲くうどん Hanawasaku - Udon / Wagyu Sukiyaki Udon & Kitsune Udon Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Udon is a luxurious cup with sukiyaki on top of Sanuki Udon. The meat used the highest grade A5 ranked Wagyu. I took soup for two days using bonito, starch paste and kelp. Noodle is a characteristic udon. Please enjoy the Japanese Wagyu, the scent of soup stock, and the texture of udon. Kitsune udon is the most popular way to eat Sanuki Udon. We will make a cup with full of hearts.

2,うまいやうどん Umai-Ya Udon / Japanese Udon Umaiya come from Osaka's downtown. Noodles are full of deliciously served Sanuki, Konbu and bonito flavor carefully. Meat is cooked sweetly, and fried seasoned to match with soup. Please enjoy the taste of simple but delicate soup stock of Kansai.

3, Rojiura Curry SAMURAI Hokkaido Soup Curry Made with love and care over the course of two days, our soup’s richness comes from a combination or pork and chicken bones paired with nutrient filled vegetables all the way from Hokkaido. Our homemade spice blend is roasted in-shop, and results in a more fragrant, delectable soup. We handpick only the best spices we feel have have a good affinity with our soup curry. We’re picky not just about spices and soup ingredients, but about the rice we employ as well! We use a special kind of rice known as Kirara 397 from Shibetsu City in Hokkaido - it has as little stickiness as possible, pairing with our soup brilliantly to bring you a superb culinary experience!

4,漬物専門店やなぎに桜 yanagi ni sakura / tsukemono Pickles including daikon-radish and carrots, prepared in traditional Akita-style. Wood smoked, they pair exceptionally well with cream cheese, wine, and even natto. Don’t miss your chance to try the unique flavor of wood smoked Japanese pickles from Akita!

5,くぅ Kuu / Fuwafuwa yaki 「ふぉわふぉわ焼」 New food texture with notched cabbage but chopped green onion Okonomiyaki. Please enjoy a texture like a fluffy smooth pudding which is slightly different from your choice. === Furoshiki Art Street(92nd st-93rd st) Project FUKUSHIMA! 「FUKUSHIMA O-FUROSHIKI」 Live Painting White Dragon from Fukushima / Tamami Akiba Sumi (Japanese black ink) live paint Wall Paint by Jpex -Angel wings -Resort Zipper -Animalzoo -Venuestagram -Banana -Sumo Rakugo

=== from New York ===

1,Oh! Dango - Dango Big Ball Mochi Balls with Sweet Soy Sauce Caramel

2, OYAKODO Fukushima - Momofuru Food → Momofuru (Processed peach) Other → Pictures of children's paintings in Fukushima prefecture, poster cards, goods sale

3,Sams Fried Ice Cream - Fried Ice cream The story of Sam's starts with a sweet tooth and a profound appreciation of the paradox that is fried ice cream... Imagine a hot, fried crust so sweetly enveloping the morsel of cool, decadent ice cream within like a secret treasure or exotic egg of some kind, waiting to hatch. 4,Harmony of Shining Women Foundation Hawaiian Coffee, Japanese sweets, hand made craft 5,Karl's Balls - Takoyaki AS FEATURED ON NHK/BS1 JAPAN, VICE CHANNEL’S ACTION BRONSON SHOW, COOKING CHANNEL, AND THE FOOD FILM FESTIVAL, NYC BASED TAKOYAKI STAND, KARLS BALLS, BRINGS A PIECE OF OSAKA TO YO’ BLOCKA! SUSHI GRADE OCTOPUS, KARL MASSAGES EACH OCTOPUS BY HAND UNTIL SOFT AND TENDER! HOMEMADE TAKOYAKI SAUCE, AND BAKED ON 100% COPPER PLATES, THERE’S NOTHING BETTER! 6,Miki & CO Organic baby cloth, towels, decoration plate, Haori coat, Record 7, Wuhao newyork Inc - Japanese tenugui

8,Kikuchi Cutlery - Japanese knives and Kitchen tools

9,Anime NYC / Anisong World Matsuri Promotion of Anime NYC convention / Anime NYC is an annual three-day anime convention held during November at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The convention is the 12th largest North American anime convention as of 2017. 10, Kikuichi Cutlery Japanese knives and Kitchen tools/ Welcome to Kikuichi Cutlery, the premier Japanese knife company. Our company has a history of bladesmithing dating back to the days of the Samurai. While we have been producing superior kitchen cutlery for more than 150 years, the origins of our company go back to 13th century when the emperor Go-toba chose our family ancestor, Shiro Kanenaga, to be one of his swordsmiths. Because of the quality of his blades he was granted the right to use the royal symbol of the Chrysanthemum flower or Kiku-no-mon as a mark of their excellence on his blades. This symbol is still recognized in Japan for its connection to the royal family and you will find the Chrysanthemum flower on all our cutlery. Today Shiro Kanenaga's hand forged swords are considered national treasures in Japan and are on display at Seikado Bunko Art Museum in Tokyo. Co-sponsored by Calpis USA photo by Michael Yu