Event Guideline

Rain or Shine!
in the case of rain → bring cover for saving product from wetting in the rain
in the case of wind → device to have not been skipped your product

Event hours: 10AM-6PM
Preparation time: from 9AM to 10AM. (Allowed driving in until 10AM)
Cleaning up time: from 6PM to 7PM ( Allowed driving from 6PM)
Booth size: 1 booth 10 feet x10 feet (3 meters X3 meters)

Prohibited products: fake, imitation. alcohol and raw food
LIABILITY insurance: Japan Block Fair INC in already join.

Promotion: decorate your booth for making customer easy-to-understand, using such as product
photos and prices, and display with the impact. it is important to make it easier to understand for
appealing to customers.

-Sample Image-

For food vendors Please send us these documents by a month before of the events you apply.
・NYS certificate of authority
・NYC Health Department Food Establishment License H25(H15) FS restaurant license or Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit. (TFSE)
・New York Food Handlers License
and remember to bring a fire extinguisher & Qualifying certificate in food protection(Original)

For nonfood vendor Please send us this document by a week before of the event
・NYS certificate of authority
・Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit
and remember to bring the Temporary street fair permit on the day.
※if you can't prepare above license, please let us know. We will help you.

Garbage: please carry to garbage area of the corner. black plastic bag (garbage) / transparent
plastic bag (recycling). For Oil, it should be discarded from the moistened with the newspaper or

Email: info@japanfes.com Website: www.japanfes.com

-Average Attendance 10,000 customer per day
-Average food sales 500 pieces per day (Maximum record 995 pieces)
-Average food price $10 (Maximum record $25)


All vendors will be required to meet our specified requirements to be accepted.

1) The event organizing committee reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling
similar items or services.
2) All booths are required to bring all supplies required to operate for the day, including tables,
tents, chairs, water and other equipment. Food vendor must prepare a Tent to operate. You can
use rental option if you need.
3) At the end of the festival vendors are required to fully clean up their vendor area of any
garbage. Garbage bags to be left in the available garbage dumps
4) Vendor’s shall not use any sound amplification system, loud speaker system, or anything that
might interfere with the sound activities on the Event Festival ground without approval from
Streetfest organizers.
5) Vendors must be set up by 10:00 am and remain set up until 6:00 pm and must be manned at
all times.
7) A vendor application form does not guarantee vendor space at the event. It is a request only
for participation and space, and is subject to approval by us.
8) All vendors must follow an ethics code, products requested to be sold or displayed must be of
a tasteful nature. The vendor coordinators will use good judgment in reviewing and approving
the products to be sold and the event producers reserve the right to decline a product item if it is
deemed unsuitable or inappropriate. Streetfest Management retains the right to remove products
at any time.
9) All booth's are non-transferable.
10) Payment
Have to be paid by 1 months in advance of the event date.
will receive payment through Stripe(credit card)
11) Cancel policy:

-Booth fee-
No refundable of booth fees unless the event canceled by NYC because of whether warning

-Rental equipment fee-
Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive full refund of rental equipment fee. No refundable within 6 days from the event